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Our Story

Our journey began in the early 2000s as security practitioners, engineers, and analysts. Through our diverse experiences, we grasped the complexity of facing adversaries in the industry. We understand that security is a collective responsibility, not an individual burden.


Having worked on both sides—as practitioners and solutions providers—we founded IntelliGuards with a clear goal: to offer clients a fusion of Technology, Expertise, Robust Processes, and Actionable Intelligence, providing comprehensive security solutions they need.


IntelliGuards is pioneering a groundbreaking security tech service, setting a new industry standard. We not only provide advanced technology but also the expertise, sparing your team from the need to learn new systems.

Why Choose IntelliGuards?

IntelliGuards roots stem from blue team, red team, security operations, and incident response backgrounds, directly sourced from top-tier Cyber firms like Mandiant, RSA, and the Federal space. From the trenches to now serving our customers, guarding your crown jewels is a big responsibility.


We take pride in defending and testing your networks using advanced analytics, technologies, and attacker methodologies aligned with MITRE ATT&CK.

A focused individual with a beard and wearing a baseball cap, glasses, and headphones, is intently analyzing code on dual computer monitors displaying lines of green and blue text against a dark background, indicative of a programming or cybersecurity work environment.
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Our History
and Evolution

Founded in January 2022 in Austin, TX, with main operations in Chicago, IL, and Toronto, Canada, IntelliGuards was born from a client need to mature and build their security into a global, advanced 24/7 security operation. Since then, we have grown to serve clients across the USA and Canada, marking our presence as a leader in cybersecurity.
We live and breathe cyber security and have a tenacious passion for Adversarial Operations, Security Operations, and Threat Intelligence. Utilizing over 50 unique top-tier intelligence sources, we apply proprietary and open-source intelligence in our operations.
Combined with our people and advanced technologies, we stay ahead of the adversary, ensuring comprehensive security solutions.

Security Operations

 & MDR Services

Threat Intelligence Provider

Security Assessments & Penetration Testing

Our Team

With a team boasting over 25 years of experience, we've identified the shortcomings in Blue Team and Red Team models (SOC, MSSP, MDR, Penetration Testing, Offensive Security), especially regarding the critical "now what" question. At IntelliGuards, we're committed to building or delivering advanced security operation centers; whether you have in-house capabilities, we provide threat intelligence-led informed security assessments and response against adversaries.

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Our Solutions

IntelliGuards offers a suite of comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the cybersecurity needs of our clients.

Our services include:

  • Security Operations: Intelliguards Blue Team &

  • Email Security:

  • Network Security:

  • Endpoint Security: Intelliguards SOC Fusion &

  • Threat Intelligence: Intelliguards OSINT, &

  • Pen Testing: Intelliguards Red Team

Red Team vs. Blue Team Cybersecurity

Understanding the difference is crucial in our approach to security. Red Teams, focusing on offensive security assessments, mimic adversarial tactics to test security controls. Meanwhile, Blue Teams are the defensive backbone, triaging alerts, performing log analytics, and enriching data with threat intelligence to prevent cyber attacks.

Advisory Board

A person in a hooded sweatshirt is actively typing on a keyboard in front of three computer monitors, which display various types of code, network diagrams, and a world map, indicative of cybersecurity analysis and behavioral analysis and user and entity behavior analytics in a blue-toned setting.

Getting Started with IntelliGuards

To learn more about how IntelliGuards can safeguard your digital assets and enhance your cybersecurity posture, visit our services page or contact us directly. We're here to guide you through the complexities of cybersecurity with our expertise, technology, and actionable intelligence.

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