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Two individuals are focused on computer screens that display rows of binary code and a prominent digital padlock symbol, suggesting a secure coding environment live demo session in a dimly lit blue office.

Live Demos

Schedule a live demo with IntelliGuards to explore Managed Detection & Response (MDR) or Advanced Security Operations & Threat Intelligence.


Complete the form below for the demo, so that IntelliGuards can reach out to you to confirm the details.

How to get Started with IntelliGuards

You can email us at or fill out the Request a Demo form. Since we focus on blue team, red team, and threat intelligence, we would love to know if you have these capabilities in-house or use other services to provide them. 


Here are some questions we will ask, and based on the answers, we can tailor and make a solution for you!


  1. How many employees/systems are in your organization?

  2. How many offices/locations are you in? And where?

  3. Do you have a cybersecurity team?

  4. If so, how large is it?

  5. Do you use any cybersecurity tools to protect your network?

  6. If so, what are they?  EDR, NDR, SIEM, SOAR, Cloud?

  7. How many alerts do you get in a day?

  8. What is your response when you get alerts?

  9. Do you have the ability to test and validate your security controls?

  10. What other specific problems or challenges do you see when it comes to cybersecurity?

Request a Demo

Thanks for submitting!

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